Fantech P51 Power 5 In 1 Gaming Combo

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Key Features

  • Model: P51 Power
  • Shikari K515 Gaming Keyboard
  • Crypto VX7 Gaming Mouse
  • Flash HQ53 Headset, Tower II AC304 Headset Stand
  • Vigil MP356 Mousepad Medium Size
Key Number 104 Keys
Anti-Ghosting: 6 Keys
Backlit 3 Lighting Mode
Interface Wired
Others Type; Membrane
Material: ABS
Dimension(LxWxH) 440 x 130 x 30mm
Weight 429.3g
Resolution 200dpi Up to 8000dpi
Switch Lifecycle 5 million Click lifetime
Polling Rate 125Hz
Tracking Method Optical
Connector Wired
Cable Length 1.8m nylon braided cable
Dimension(LxWxH) 128 x 68 x 41 mm
Cable Length 2m
Impedance Headset Impedance: 22 Ohm
Microphone Impedance: 2.2k
Lighting Effect RGB Lighting
Microphone Sensitivity 40±2dB
Sensitivity Headset Sensitivity: 120+3dB
Microphone Sensitivity: 40+2dB
Warranty 01 year warranty

Fantech P51 Power 5 In 1 Gaming Combo

The Fantech P51 Power 5 In 1 Gaming Combo offers a comprehensive gaming experience with its carefully curated set of peripherals. Included in this all-in-one package is the Shikari K515 Gaming Keyboard, featuring customizable RGB backlighting and responsive keys for precise control. The Crypto VX7 Gaming Mouse complements the keyboard with adjustable DPI settings, programmable buttons, and an ergonomic design, ensuring optimal performance in intense gaming sessions. The Flash HQ53 Headset delivers immersive audio, while the Tower II AC304 Headset Stand adds both functionality and style to the gaming setup. Completing the ensemble, the Vigil MP356 Mousepad in a medium size provides a smooth surface for precise mouse tracking. Altogether, the Fantech P51 Power Combo is designed to meet the needs of gamers seeking a holistic solution that combines performance, comfort, and aesthetics to elevate their gaming setup.

Fantech Shikari K515 Gaming Keyboard

The Fantech Shikari K515 Gaming Keyboard is a stylish and ergonomic gaming powerhouse that will enhance your gaming experience. It blends utility and design with adjustable height settings for tailored comfort, 104 keys including multimedia controls, and three dynamic lighting options. The membrane switch provides responsiveness and durability, while anti-ghosting technology ensures accurate instructions in fast-paced games. It finds a mix between portability and stability, weighing only 429.3g. This tiny keyboard (440x130x30mm) is wired for a lag-free connection and is your go-to solution for a great gaming setup. Upgrade to the Fantech Shikari K515 for a statement piece that will improve your gaming abilities.

Crypto VX7 Gaming Mouse

The Fantech VX7 Crypto is an ideal gaming mouse. The main feature of this model is its nice design and On-the-fly Adjustable Dpi(800-1200-1600-2400). Thanks to an innovative sensor equipped with a DPI mode switch, the mouse sensitivity range reaches about 2400 DPI. But sliding the mouse on the playing surface is almost perfect. The main change in this mouse, it is comprised of 6 buttons. The keys of this mouse have a 3 Million click lifetime.

Flash HQ53 Headset

The Fantech FLASH HQ53 Lightweight Gaming Headset is designed with red accent lighting to give your gaming setup a stylish look. It can deliver crystal clear audio thanks to the powerful 50mm drivers. This headphone gives crystal clear audio to immerse you in your games. The Fantech FLASH HQ53 has a durable design. It is made of ABS plastic. This gaming headset has been developed to be durable and to easily withstand the rigors of gaming. It features high-comfort ear cushions to keep you in your game. It has an omnidirectional microphone pattern. The headset comes with dual 3.5mm + USB connectors. It has a 2m PVC cable.

Tower II AC304 Headset Stand

The Fantech TOWER II AC304 Headphone Stand is ideal for displaying and storing your favorite headsets. This elegant and effective headphone stand was created with stability, durability, and aesthetics in mind to improve your gaming or workstation setup. The Fantech TOWER II AC304 lets you proudly display your valued headphones. Its sleek and stylish design gives a touch of class to your desk or gaming station. This headphone stand is made of high-quality ABS plastic and is designed to resist the rigors of regular usage, providing longevity and dependable performance. The rubberized base of the stand not only provides optimal stability but also protects your work surface from scratches and scuffs. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding, since your headset will remain firmly in place. The Fantech TOWER II AC304 has an 88-gram weight that adds an extra layer of stability to keep your valuable headset from tipping over. With dimensions of 159mm x 145mm x 267mm, this headphone stand achieves the ideal blend of a small footprint and enough room to fit a range of headset sizes.

Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad is a high-quality device that will improve your gaming experience by providing precision and comfort. This Mouse Pad features edge stitching that not only improves toughness but also prevents fraying, assuring a long-lasting performance. The Fantech MP356’s anti-slip base provides a sturdy and tight hold on any surface, keeping the mouse pad securely in place even during strenuous gaming sessions. This function is critical for keeping constant control and precision, enabling you to focus solely on your gaming. The mouse pad’s surface has been precisely developed to give a smooth and responsive tracking experience. The Fantech MP356 guarantees that your mouse glides seamlessly, translating your actions with accuracy, whether you’re involved in fast-paced action or complicated maneuvers. This Mouse Pad, with dimensions of 350 x 300 x 4mm, provides a large and comfortable space for your mouse, enabling a variety of gaming techniques. The thin profile contributes to the overall sleekness of the design while remaining low on your desktop. The Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad combines durability, stability, and precision, making it an excellent choice for gamers looking for a dependable surface on which to enhance their gaming performance.

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